About This Site

Welcome to the Little Digital Schoolhouse! We are a group of dedicated educators who would like to share their best lessons, procedures, and practices with anybody educating and raising the next generation.

Hi, I’m Evasahne and I’ve been teaching for 15 years. I started in Kinder and have taught first and second as well.

When I’m not teaching I enjoy knitting socks, playing with my bunny, and hanging out with my three kids – not necessarily in that order.


I’m Goldie and this pictures says it all. I really appreciate Fridays. Who doesn’t, right? I’m the artist in residence at the Little Digital Schoolhouse. ‘Hope you like what you see!

Hi, I’m Prof, the science geek at the Little Digital Schoolhouse. I enjoy science experiments and tinkering projects. In my spare time I ponder the educational possibilities of Minecraft and Pokemon.

Come and meet us at the Little Digital Schoolhouse!