4 Easy Back-To-School Ideas



Is the summer really over? Is it really time to go back-to school? If this is your first time setting up or you are almost ready to retire, the first day of school can bring up lots of anxiety. Don’t worry you can do it ! Here are some fun ideas to make back-to-school a success.

Imagine the end of the first day of school. The kids are all lined up, ready to go home. Their faces are flushed with excitement. Finally, the bell rings and as students file out, they sneak a quick hug and whisper, ” I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!”

Ensuring a fun-filled smooth first day sets the tone for the rest of the school year. There is nothing better than overhearing your students happily tell their parents how much fun they had and that they can’t wait to come back to see you the next day! We compiled 4 fun and easy back-to-school activities to spice up your first day.

1. Name Game

Learning everybody’s name is quite the task on the first day. One of our favorite game is Willoughby Wallaby Woo. The game is focused on the teacher and eases some of the first day jitters. We have kids volunteer to play the game. In the beginning only the brave raise their hands, after a while everybody wants to have an elephant sitting on them.

2. Class Mural

Morning Meeting Circle
Morning Meeting Circle

We have very kid create a full figure drawing of themselves for our circle poster. First, We give a quick demonstration of proportions. Usually we recommend to start with pencil and then outline with black marker. Color the figures with crayon or markers and cut them out. The class then arrange all of the shapes in a circle on butcher paper and glue them in place.

3. Dance

The freeze dance is a great way to get the kids moving on the first day of school. You can use any kind of music and just stop it (or have volunteer do it for you). We really like using Greg and Steve’s awesome version in the beginning of the year. This way you can circulate and don’t have to worry about a thing.

4. Journals

256px-Notebooks_and_journals (1)

We use journals for pretty much everything. We have morning journals,  reflections on lessons, and doodle in them. The journals we use are blank and can be decorated easily.  However, any kind of journal will do and kids love to personalize their materials. Decorating the journals is a fun activity any day.