Math Sculptures

Number sense comes alive with this activity. Students build Sculptures with counting cubes or other manipulatives available to you. They then draw their creations and record the number of cubes they used.


  • Math Manipulatives
  • Paper
  • Markers or crayons


Demonstrate how to build a math sculpture. Distribute manipulatives, paper, and markers. Demonstrate how to sketch the sculpture and record the number of cubes used. Have fun creating!

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Our Top 5 Rainy Day PE Ideas


Are you ready for inclement weather recess? Try some of our ideas and you will learn to love indoor recess. Ok, ok, maybe not love, but at least your students will enjoy it.


Yoga has become very popular in schools. You don’t have to be a Yoga instructor to get some of that good vibe into your classroom. There are lots of exercise videos available, or simply use some from Youtube.

Indoor Obstacle Course

We use crepe paper strips, hula hoops, and carpet pieces to create the ultimate spy-training obstacle course.


Who can resist dancing? Learn some new moves on a rainy day with some youtube dance videos.

Workout Video

Workout videos are a straightforward way to get everybody moving. There are lots of great workouts available on youtube.

Tai Chi

We used to have a teacher at our school, who kept us in awe with her awesome Tai Chi moves. Since she retired we have resorted to Youtube videos.