5 Ways to Be Remembered as the Most Awesome Teacher Ever!

The end of the year is almost here and it’s time to bring out the fun! Here are five super easy and fun ideas of making the end memorable and manageable. Having high interest activities will not only let your popularity soar but also keep you students engaged and on task.  Time to have some fun!

  1. Make a Community Mural


Bring out all your leftover art supplies and let the kids go creative. Create a mural of your community.  We’re not talking about an accurate map here, just a colorful collection of our homes and landmarks in the area.

2. Chalk Art Walk


Why not include the whole school in your fun.  We use up our extra supplies of chalk and go wild on the yard.  The kids plan their pictures before heading out and work in small groups.

3.School Memories Books

256px-Notebooks_and_journals (1)

There are lots of commercial versions of school memory books available.  All you really need is paper and pencil. We make our school memory books out of newsprint  and bind them with construction paper. Kids love them either way.

4. Put on a Play


Putting on a play or musical is an amazing way to ring out the year. So much learning is going on when kids have to perform, create props, make costumes, and direct fellow actors.

5. Fun STEM Activities


How many counting bears can cross your bridge? Use your science supplies to create a STEM challenge.  Have the kids plan and then implement to build the sturdiest bridge.  Our record is 109 bears.  We double dare you to break it!


After all this fun, who even wants summer vacation?



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